Dear Neetha,

This is what I wanted to tell if I ever got a chance to meet you in person.

First things first, thank you for receiving the book and sending me a copy with your signature on it. It was a moment of achievement for me as an author as the purpose of it has been fulfilled. Every reader loves you, the way you live, the way you love people and Kishan at most. One of the things that you stood as core inspiration for is your relationship with your family. You father is the second most ‘wanna see’ celebrity after you; to this book readers.

You are a fighter and you proved the world that love can inspire someone to become an author chasing his childhood dreams, inspire someone to give a change of his thoughts, inspire someone to come out of breakup depression, inspire someone to look about her parents, inspire someone to change his opinions on women and build respect, inspire the CEO of publishing house to gift a couple of copies of the book to his friends, inspire more in ways that you could ever imagine and will be inspiring us, every reader forever,

You live in everyone’s heart. We won’t let this go easy. Keep watching us from the skies all the wonders that you have been and will be responsible to.

Sasidhar Kareti
Unconditional Uncommitted


“Many beautiful things cannot be seen nor touched, they only felt within the heart”, Neetha wrote on the copy of the book before signing it. She remained one such ‘beautiful thing’ leaving me in regret of a life-time for not meeting her.

I have managed to send her a copy to get it signed but couldn’t meet in person. We are supposed to meet in this August but it’s not possible anymore 🙁