I wonder dreaming! What I dreamt last night might be a casual one with different scenarios.

Everyone is hurry about something in my home. It depicts a festival environment but with known and unknown guests and relatives around. Everyone’s caring for me specially. After a while, I realized that the festival was my wedding. It was a no-shock moment for me instead I was happy for what’s happening in my house.

I had lot of excitement and hell lot of questions running in my mind that time. I wanted to see how beautiful the bride would look like! and a confusion of how did I say ‘Ok’ without knowing face of the bride at least? Secondly, I have my sister unmarried at home and how could my parents forget to care about her? are they gone mad? I was angry on my dad and rest of the relatives who have their hand in this proposition.

Among all these exciting, confusing and frustrating things that were going on around me, the shocking news that my wedding is going to happen in coming hours of time totally driven me insane.

Dad spoke to me,

“Son! common, get ready yourself to invite your new life.”

“Dad I was excited to take my new life but, how could you do this?”

“What did I do son? It was your wedding, if someone’s wanted to do something, that would be you!”

“Dad! I want to talk you as a family. Please try to understand what I am saying.”

“Is there anything wrong son?”

“No but, why this now? I’m only 22 and not even a job holder. How do you think I can look after a girl who comes into my life? I’ve not even seen her once till now and I haven’t spoken a word about this to you and you haven’t spoken a word about this to me. I haven’t invited any of my friends. I can’t take this easily on them.”

Sister brought some water to us during our conversation.

Looking at her face, I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out in to tears at my father.

He was moved. May be he never wanted to see his son crying out loud. He took me to the father of bride, whom I never met yet.

I stayed outside their home and dad called him out!

The father of bride asked me “Hello boy! how do you do? Is everything ok from our side?”

I said “Everything’s ok uncle, I just wanted to talk to your daughter once!” That’s the first time I called him uncle.

“But I think she shouldn’t come out at these earlier hours of wedding”

“This is very important! so please!” I requested.

He didn’t spoke a word much. He went inside and came along with his daughter. I can see him whispering something in her ears while coming out. I can guess what a father of bride is afraid of, the critics!

He showed me to her pointing his right hand towards me. She looked at me blushing, I smiled.

I waved my hand to her and asked “Can we walk along a while?”

She went inside to get herself something, meanwhile her dad came a step forward towards me and said “Back home early. We have no much time.”

“I wanted you too come with us sir.”

“No! it’s ok! I just wanted you come back early.”

“Not like that sir, I wanted you come with us too. Because I know how hard it is for parents sending their daughter with groom before the early hours of the wedding.”

“That’s why I chose you and I’m glad to tell you this”

I had my head downed and smiled. Bride’s father doesn’t know what’s hidden behind that smile like I do.

The bride came out, we all took a walk to no where. I saw the girl for the first time and she’s walking beside. She looks cute, little bold and she’s blushing. Dad started to talk with the girl giving me a chance to talk with bride’s father. I don’t know where to start and what to start. My silence made the bride’s father throw his attention to a road side samosa cart. He bought some for us. That time I couldn’t hesitate taking from him. We were walking eating the stuff, which gave me a start.

“Uncle!” this was the second time I called him uncle.

He paid attention,

“I hope you know I’m jobless”

“I know boy! but I only care sending my daughter into such a good family!”

“Yes of course ours is a good family but I’m just 22 and jobless. I hardly survive myself, I still depend on my father, how could I look after a girl if I can’t look after for myself? I’m not asking to stop the wedding. I’m asking to postpone it to the next few years. I promise I’ll marry your daughter even if it takes ten years for me to settle down in life! Its your choice! you may or may not wait for me. If you wait I promise I will.”

After thinking for a minute, he said “you have made the point boy. If it really takes ten years, I can’t say I can await my daughter.”

I looked back to see her once before I accept his decision. She gave me a look that a man dies to get one from a girl.

Bride’s father offered dinner in a near by restaurant. He moved in first and I followed him behind. When I turned back to call my father and the bride in, they were not there. I searched for them till I found them from a window of the restaurant. I just stood there looking at her talking to my father.

I have already thought of the two sides of the coin. One side, the bride’s father would be angry with my late realization or on the other side, he would accept my wedding postponement proposal. But he said something else, “I can’t say that I can..” This might be the third side of the coin, the thickness side, on which a coin can spun.