Always ready to help

Sasidhar, a name which always comes in mind the first, when I'm stuck at something or need a motivational boost. I know him from more than a year now and he is more like a friend to me than a fellow blogger ever since I got to know more of him. He is Helping nature, cool, calm, and a composed person and one of the most skilled and talented people in my circle. Writing, programming, software developing are... Read More
Sonam Asrani,
Microzone Plus
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A Dedicated Professional

I know Sasidhar since the time I was trying my hand in Blogging. It's been more than a couple of years we know virtually and can say he is one of the best professional I know.

He is always there for any advice or help and is too quick as well. His blog is also doing excellent and I have received some good knowledge from it.

Good luck for your future endeavor 🙂


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Ashutosh Jha,
Web: http://www.tricksroad.com,
Email: tricksroad@gmail.com

It's a pleasure knowing you

Sasidhar is one guy who masters anything he lays his hands on. If you have him as a partner in something, he would always be there to help you out. His piece of advice has always worked out for me cause he is very patient and cool minded when it comes to hearing people out and giving proper solution to their problem. He is very calm and composed, that makes all his work quite remarkable (his... Read More
Debshikha Banerjee
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Email: debshikhab@gmail.com

For me, the synonym of "Tech" is "Sasidhar"

I've had the pleasure of knowing Sasidhar for more than a year, collaborating on several articles and projects. I have learned so much from reading his tech posts at his blog Amfastech.com. I was particularly impressed by Sasidhar's ability to solve technical glitches at my blog. Tho he maintains a tech blog, his posts always have a unique twist and jovial touch, leaving the reader with a smile. Sasidhar surely earns my highest recommendation when it comes to... Read More
Rohan Chaubey,
Be Rohanlicious
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Sasidhar is the real deal!

As a blogger and web developer, Sasidhar is really great at programming and creativity. Although myself being a tech blogger, I'm a huge fan of Amfas Tech where he shares some real deep insights on tech topics or is found reviewing his favourite gadgets! Kudos!... Read More
Paras Shah
Web: http://techpctricks.com,
Email: parasshah195@gmail.com

Well written

Well written! Captures everything on Mobile vs. Desktop. Keep up the good work.
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Myntra Mobile-First,


Excellent article!... Read More
Asus Zenfone 2,
ASUSTeK Computer Inc
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Beautifully written

Beautifully written. A very interesting read. Well done!
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AskMe Bazaar,
AskMe Bazaar