Sasidhar is one guy who masters anything he lays his hands on. If you have him as a partner in something, he would always be there to help you out. His piece of advice has always worked out for me cause he is very patient and cool minded when it comes to hearing people out and giving proper solution to their problem.

He is very calm and composed, that makes all his work quite remarkable (his years of experience all helps in this regard). He is very dedicated to what he does, whether that be writing a blog post, reviewing a gadget, or as a matter of fact anything. And, his snaps does speak. 🙂

Being a tech blogger myself, when I feel I know everything I simply visit AmfasTech. AT always has tech posts on matters I have no clue about. I love reading his well written, properly formatted posts.

P.S. This site might get you hired by some big company. Get ready.