Sasidhar, a name which always comes in mind the first, when I’m stuck at something or need a motivational boost.

I know him from more than a year now and he is more like a friend to me than a fellow blogger ever since I got to know more of him.

He is Helping nature, cool, calm, and a composed person and one of the most skilled and talented people in my circle.

Writing, programming, software developing are some of the skills he is really good at.

I don’t really need to think before messaging Sasidhar for any help. He is always there with his super knowledge on every single topic, whether it’s tech related, socials or any other general topic.

When it comes to jotting down something on a blog, Sasidhar has no competition. I’m a big fan of his writing [Infact, he won the national competition on writing held by Micromax india].

I really wish him a great success in future as he a deserves every bit of it!