A story that came to my mind today at early hours. It is the story of a teenage girl who recently got into 18 and her parents who loved her a lot at every situation of her life.

Aaina is a normal girl like anyone else in the world. She loves her parents very much and they meant a lot to her. She is trendy, mature minded, intelligent sweet and lovely. Every boy would dream to have a girlfriend like her. She ever loved her parents and cared for them. She used to present a gift to her parents at early mornings on their wedding anniversary every year since her childhood and she used to leave a note on the gift saying “To the most beautiful couple, from a loving daughter”. She even could not think of hurting her parents in her dreams. It is a happy family with built with love and affections to relations.

That day when she met him totally changed her life. She has fallen in love with him in a very short time. But she never told her parents about him. Her parents also never asked anything about him. Day to day her parents observed the change in her. They felt like losing her sometimes. They doubted and worried about their daughter very much for the first time. Meanwhile, the special day on which their daughter stands before them with a present in her hand when they woke up has came. Aaina was not seen with a present that day when they woke up. She don’t even remember that special day. Her parents were so upset and spent all the day with sorrowful hearts.

As usual Aaina came back home in the evening and called her father and mother to the main hall. They came with a smile on their face hiding the sorrow inside. Then she said “Dad and mom..this one is for you!”. Her parents felt so excited and guilt for doubting her made them shed tears. Her father took her closer to heart and apologized. They left the present unopened and spent that evening happily till late night like before. That moment brought them happiness back home.

The next day when Aaina’s parents woke up, they saw the gifted pack presented to them by their daughter. They opened it and found a beautiful wax statue of man and a woman with a girl in between them. As usually there is a note left tagged to the present. They took it into their hands and it says “To the most beautiful couple from the most luckiest guy”. They were shocked to see that note. Aaina peeping all this from behind spoke with a pleasant voice “Dad! he wants to say it on every anniversary along with me.”

Whose parents would refuse to give their angel for such a proposer..!