“To live is to survive and to survive is not to forget to live till death”

To the mankind, unlike the other animal stereotypes, it is unwillingly happening the touch of life with no tongue to taste. It is sometimes we think that we know but we all take is not the essence of it but the bagasse to lead a life. Not the waste will have something to take a gulp of sweetness nor the hunger satisfies. To the mankind, to live for real is coming out of the boundaries, of not countries but self imposed in the stereotypic civilisation through centuries.

Once a great man asked me a dime to buy food and another one begged me to buy a decor of organical value. Unfortunately, we named the first kind as beggar and the second as a businessman. All beggars, so called by us, who struggle to survive is living a moment while eating the hard earned food on streets whereas the businessman is on the pursuit of another dime while chewing it. At the end of the day, both survives, both sleep.

Living, as I knew had computers, gadgets and other non-living nomenclature that were used to die by the end of the day and we named them batteries. People die so, every evening and wake up fully charged the next morning. I realised that we both have no difference but the difference in the battery technologies that we run on. If electricity helped them recharge, food helped us to. Like there are quick charging technologies, mankind had invented energy drinks that run the dead spirits in the evenings till morning. Whoa! That’s a great progress in defying the reality of being a earthly creature.

Still, we call ourselves living beings and call the machines the ‘things’. My exploration for the definition of life has been extended to the mechanisms of living. Unlike the so called ‘things’, we breathe. Is that what making us have us a life? This shouldn’t be a contrary to any ‘thingly’ mechanisms as they don’t. When I was thinking about this and keying it down on my computer, it hissed with the fans inside that work to cool down the processors. So do have we, two, called lungs doing the same with the brain. This good contrary and uniqueness has thrown me into sand pits of confusions again.

I almost quit this pursuit until I watched an old couple singing and dancing on YouTube. They said that they have met in they working departments on Wednesday and married the following Saturday. A super computer could have made decisions quicker than that older couple but it would never have connected the same way they did.

If life is what you realise that your better half is that person in such a short time, if people call that love and finding ‘the one’, if life we call is sweet enough to have married for 44 years and till death, if life is what gave them hope hand in hand to perform an outstanding performance, then life is not that need a breath forever, then life is not that would need waiting for love instead find one, then life is not that mechanism of living that pumps oxygen to brain and keeps it working, then life is not that food that fills in energy with in us, then life is not that we wake up planning the day every morning, then life is not sipping the cane juice drop by drop, then life is not that fill the stomach, then life is not that earning money that we can ‘only’ use.

To the realisation of my senses, life is that which satisfies the hunger but no need to fill the tummy, like a mother satisfies her hunger seeing her kids eating. Life is not that begging a sale but a dime to buy food, like you need it as your last chance awaits. Life is not the quick way of filling energy into body but to savour the way, like we enjoy licking the ice cream than swallow it at once. Life is not that we need to breathe forever but to live that moment instead of surviving, like those who still live dead, living. I get it now. I get it clear!