No one knows when dreams starts and when ends. It simply rolls down in our minds like a play while we are sleeping. Being through all my dream experiences I would confess that every dream is a mixture of virtual emotions. I had a dream last night that made me feel so cherished for a little angel. The dream started like this,

I was sitting in the front row in a function hall and watching the performances of little cute children with keen interest. I had my father, some of my family members and also some close relatives with me. Each group of little cubbies were doing good and making me laugh with their adjustments on stage. Some of them are acting hyperactively while some doing their own movements. They are really adorable to that even a blind heart wouldn’t stop pulling their chubby cheeks. I really loved them. After a children group(some random group presently doing on stage) finished their performance, the event organizer called the last group on to the stage.

My interest in watching them in action on stage wasn’t down yet. The last group started performing some act with dances. As I grasped, the last group had a little kid, the younger of them all who was set to play the key role in the act. His turn came. All other little buddies paused their versions, but the kid stood stubborn. The audience were waiting to see him in action. A girl among them noticed the situation and started to teach him to do. She is so cute,active and seems elder to that kid. I thought she was his sister. Parents and guardians who were sitting among audience started a discussion with their fellow members about that girl. Any how she managed to end their act by making him involved some how.

I was impressed with her spontaneous reaction and the way she made him perform. I took her up with my hands, kissed her cheeks. She smiled at me and looked about audience. Every parent had taken their children to dinner section and started feeding them along with pep talk. I was expecting her mother come and take her from my hands. No one came yet. I called the organizer and asked about her mother.

“She has no mother. Sir! you wait here I’ll look over for her grandpa.” he said.

I felt so sad about her mother and didn’t showed it to her.

I just kept talking with her in a childish way. She too kept talking with me with her blissful face and head nodding sometimes. She is cute,active and intelligent girl. In the meantime, the event organizer brought along with him a elderly looking man in suite.

“There’s your grandpa, go with him cutie!”. I told her.

She shifted on to his hands, kept a gloomy face with looks pointing down. The active girl looked passive suddenly. Then I told her grandpa,

“Who is her father? What does he do? I am sure he would definitely regret missing her act today.”

“He will be…” the elderly man tried to speak more, but I interrupted him.

“Who would like to stay away from this little angel for a moment? She must be hill treasure of happiness for your home.” I told his grandpa.

Then he said “Yes! she is, we have two hundred and forty six such hills in our home”. He smiled at me and turned back walking with her. Looking at the elderly man the organizer told me about his foster home. I was shocked to know that girl is an orphan. Beside all pity, the short time relation with her in my hands made me feel like missing someone from family. I watched her talking with that elderly man in her own blissful and head nodding style all the way to entrance gate. He once stopped and looked back at me, but the little girl kept on talking with him in an anxiety. I wrinkled my eye brows and shook my head to him. Then he spoke,

“Want to take some treasure home?”

–(my dream ended here)

I still can’t figure out what was that happiness feeling! Is this the feeling fathers feel for their little angels? I can’t know till some father confirms it or I personally come across the situation.